Hunt Club Estate

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Hunt Club Estate, located in Cranbourne, is a testament to DPM Consulting Group’s commitment to creating vibrant, sustainable communities. This development, which commenced in 2000 and was completed in 2015, is now home to approximately 10,000 people. It spans across an area of approximately 150 hectares and yields around 2,500 residential allotments.

A thriving urban development

The estate boasts a major shopping centre, community facilities, both primary and secondary schools, integrated wetland systems, and a retirement village. It’s a place where convenience meets community, offering residents everything they need within easy reach.

Environmental excellence

One of the key aspects of this project was the integration of existing mature vegetation within the landscape environment. This led to the development of the Mayfield Wetland and Hilltop Reserves, where the existing Melbourne Water pipe track was integrated to form a linear park. The estate also features multiple wetlands and a retirement village, adding to its appeal and sustainability.

Stormwater and integrated water management

Throughout the project, we faced challenges such as main drainage, wetland designs, and stormwater retention. However, we were able to meet both the requirements of Melbourne Water and the client, resulting in meeting the objectives and vision for the development. This estate was the first residential development within the South-East Water region to have a second (recycled) water main pipe installed and operational in Melbourne. In conjunction with South East Water, we assisted in the detailed engineering and installation techniques to develop the model as used today.

Formal recognition for DPM Consulting Group

Our work on the Hunt Club Estate has been recognised for its excellence. In 2002, we received an award from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) for excellence for a residential development of 400 lots or more. In 2006, we were awarded “Environmental Excellence” for our work on the project.

Our involvement in the Hunt Club Estate showcases our dedication to comprehensive urban planning and development. Our ability to navigate complexities, optimise designs, and adhere to timelines has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this significant development.

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