Project management

We have the project management skills, experience, and resources to manage land development projects of any size and scope, from inception to completion, on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.
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Project planning

We meticulously plan every project we are involved in, carefully outlining the objectives, tasks, timelines, and resources required for success. This process ensures each project is delivered on time, within budget, and to high quality standards, while also identifying and mitigating risks, facilitating innovation, and fostering communication and transparency.

Project management on site

Budgeting and cost control

Our budgeting process accurately estimates costs so we can allocate funds accordingly. We then control costs by monitoring, auditing, and managing expenses during the project’s execution to ensure they align with the budget. This allows for efficient use of resources, minimal waste, and contingency planning.

A project manager engaging in budgeting and cost control processes with a client

Quality assurance and control

As part of our systematic project planning processes, we carefully review and evaluate every project design, ensuring it meets objectives, regulatory requirements, and community needs. During implementation, we conduct regular inspections and testing, allowing us to monitor progress and take corrective action if and when they are necessary. 

An inspector conducting quality assurance and quality control procedures

Stakeholder communication

We have the expertise and experience to effectively engage and communicate with all stakeholders, partners, collaborators, and the community. Through regular updates, feedback sessions, and consultations, we facilitate transparency, trust, alignment of expectations, and conflict mitigation, resulting in more inclusive land development projects.

An urban development consultant providing a presentation to a client in order to engage stakeholders effectively

Procurement management

Effective procurement is vital to the success of land development projects. Our team can manage procurement of labour, materials, and other resources from external vendors. This includes tendering, selecting suppliers, managing contracts, and ensuring the timely delivery of goods and services.

A truck loaded with construction materials as part of our procurement management service

Risk assessment and mitigation

Our careful planning processes identify potential risks and hazards, evaluating their likelihood and impact. We then mitigate these risks through contingency planning, resource allocation and safety measures. Our team carefully monitors and assesses risks throughout the project, safeguarding against both known and new issues that may arise. 

Performing a risk assessment report

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