Construction management

We provide end-to-end construction management solutions including planning, executing, and monitoring construction projects of any scale and complexity. We ensure quality, safety, and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.
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Fully accredited auditors under MRWA

Our team can provide an objective and independent assessment of a construction project’s compliance with relevant sewer and water standards, regulations, and best practices. This allows for transparency, accountability, and trust from all our stakeholders, partners, and collaborators during the construction process.

Managing a construction site featuring cranes and diggers

Design assurance and inspections

During construction, our team ensures that all processes are performed correctly, adhering to the project plan, design specifications, and industry standards. Through inspections, we continuously monitor and verify compliance with plans and quality standards, helping us to identify issues and prevent costly rework. 

A team of engineers conducting quality assurance inspections

Full contract administration

We manage the contracts between various parties involved in a construction project, ensuring all parties meet their contractual obligations. This includes monitoring performance, managing changes, resolving disputes, and closing out contracts. This allows us to complete projects on time, within budget, and maintain positive relationships between parties. 

Contract being signed as part of contract administration services

Construction progress reporting

Our team provide regular construction progress reporting, including updates on work completed, schedule adherence, budget status, and issues and risks identified. This facilitates effective coordination between different teams, contributing to the successful and timely completion of construction projects.

The DPM Consulting Group team providing a progress report for one of our clients

Documentation and record keeping

Accurate and detailed record keeping is essential in construction management. This means we keep detailed records of all activities, decisions, and changes throughout a project including contracts, plans, permits, inspection reports, and correspondence. This ensures transparency, facilitates communication, and provides a historical record for future reference. 

A filing cabinet depicting documentation and recording keeping

Construction scheduling

A well-structured and carefully planned construction schedule helps to manage resources, mitigate risks, and ensures timely project completion. Our team provides a clear roadmap for every project, allowing stakeholders to anticipate project milestones and challenges, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and improving outcomes. 

Construction schedule being created and analysed by a team

Quantity surveying

Our quantity surveyors provide detailed cost breakdowns and risk assessment for construction projects to financial institutions, helping them to understand the financial implications and risks of proposed developments. We also provide monitoring services, to keep financial institutions informed about construction progress and facilitate better communication between stakeholders. 

A quantity surveyor performing analysis for bank reporting

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