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We are a team of land development engineering consultants with diverse experience across civil engineering, project management, construction management, water resources, urban development, and land capability studies.
Tony Davoli headshot

Tony Davoli

Managing Director

<i>ADipCivEng, ACertProjCons </i> <br><br> Tony is the Managing Director of DPM Consulting Group and has over 35 years of experience in urban, commercial, and industrial development projects. He specialises in land capability studies, feasibility and procurement, project management, contract management, and authority negotiations.

Laki Papazois headshot

Laki Papazois

Technical Director

<i>BCivEng </i> <br><br> Laki is the Technical Director at DPM Consulting Group and has over 35 years of experience in civil engineering. He specialises in design management, culvert design, property and development, water sensitive urban design, stormwater management, drainage design, site investigations, and road design.

Morgan Cole headshot

Morgan Cole

Principal Engineer

<i>BEnvEng (Hons), MInfEng&Mgt, MIEAust, CPEng, NER</i> <br><br> Morgan is a Principal Engineer and a core part of the business, joining DPM Consulting Group in 2017. He specialises in property and development, site investigation, project management, feasibility studies, stormwater management, drainage design, sewer & water design, highway alignment, and pavement design.

John Mathios

Principal Engineer

<i>BCivEng(Hons)</i> <br><br> John joined the DPM Consulting Group team in 2011 as a Civil Design Engineer and is now a Principal Engineer and a key part of the leadership team. John specialises in property and development, feasibility studies, stormwater management, drainage design, site investigation, and servicing capability studies, leading several key development projects.

David Moret headshot

David Moret

Principal Water Resources Engineer

<i>BCivEng, MCivEng, MBA, CPEng, NER</i> <br><br> David has become a key part of DPM Consulting Group since joining our business in 2018, serving as our Principal Water Resources Engineer for a number of significant land development projects. David specialises in drainage modelling and flood impact assessments and has led several key projects which feature Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Eric Wang

Principal Engineer

<i>BEnvEng, MIEAust, CPEng, NER</i>

Tatianna Parsons

Principal Engineer

<i>BIndChemEng, AdDipCivEng</i>

Luke Zissimos

Principal Construction Engineer


Toney Mulrooney

Sen Subdiv Engineer

<i>DipCivEng, CertEstm&Mngmt</i>

Awais Safder headshot

Awais Safder

Senior Civil Engineer

James Ng headshot

James Ng

Senior Civil Engineer

<i>BEng(Civ), MIEAust, CPEng, NER</i>

Sotiris Pashos headshot

Sotiris Pashos

Senior Civil Engineer


Zaibaa Ali headshot

Zaibaa Ali

Senior Civil Engineer

Noel Thompson

Construction Manager


Russell Hastie

Senior Construction Superintendent


Zabi Dalili headshot

Zabi Dalili

Senior Construction Engineer


Ves Soklevski headshot

Ves Soklevski

Senior Project Manager


Stephen Makaras

Snr Project Manager


Teodora Mustac

Senior Civil Drafter

Phil Zacharopoulos

Civil Engineer


Chamath Akalanka

Water Res Engineer

<i>MScWatSciEng, BScCivInfEng</i>

Faiyaaz Jameel headshot

Faiyaaz Jameel

Civil Engineer

James Demertzidis headshot

James Demertzidis

Civil Engineer


Pratap Marripudi

Civil Engineer

Kyle Phung

Civil Engineer

Stephen Papazois

Civil Engineer


Sana Khaji

Water Resources Engineer

Sharon Tian

Water Resources Engineer

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Luke Taylor

Construction Engineer


Alex Shephard headshot

Alex Shepherd

Construction Engineer


Jason Pettifer

CAD Civil Draftsperson


Ella Ibrahim headshot

Ella Ibrahim

Civil Draftsperson


Sabbir Alam headshot

Sabbir Alam

Project Manager


Tane Abbott headshot

Tane Abbott

Project Manager

<i>MEngMngmt, BEngCiv(Hons)</i>

Natalie Fisher headshot

Natalie Fisher

Project Officer

Sonia Fisher

Project Officer

Steve Papazois headshot

Steve Papazois

Assistant Project Manager


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Chanul De Silva

Graduate Civil Engineer

Dianne Giddins headshot

Dianne Giddins

Office Administrator

Shara Wintle headshot

Shara Wintle

Office Manager

Sharon Leonard

Exec. Administration Secretary

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