Urban development

We offer urban development services to help our clients plan, design, engineer, and manage projects of any size. We have the expertise and vision to create innovative and sustainable urban environments.
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Pre planning advice

Our team provides expert pre-planning advice on proposals and concepts, saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing the chance of planning approvals from regulatory bodies (such as local councils). We offer insights into suitability, feasibility, and design strategies to ensure each urban development starts on a solid foundation, streamlining the journey from concept to completion.

A new urban development from an aerial perspective

Land use optimisation

We analyse each site in detail, gaining insight into how we can maximise the utility and value of the land available to unlock its full potential. This allows us to create optimal land use plans that balance economic viability, environmental sustainability, and community needs, transforming ordinary spaces into thriving urban environments.

An engineer conducting analysis to optimise the use of land for development

Infrastructure and utility planning

We meticulously plan for the integration of essential services, including transport, water, electricity, gas, and telecommunications networks. Infrastructure and utilities are efficiently distributed and easily accessible, enhancing the liveability of our urban developments. 

Electricity powerlines which are part of infrastructure and utility planning for a new urban development

Community engagement and stakeholder collaboration

Community and stakeholder engagement is key to successful urban development. Our team prioritises collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. We facilitate transparent communication, foster relationships, and build consensus around shared goals, resulting in inclusive urban spaces that reflect the values of the community their serve.

People talking at a workshop designed to foster community engagement and stakeholder collaboration

Assistance in urban planning and design

Our team provides expert guidance throughout the planning process. We assist with all aspects of pre-planning, site analysis, regulatory compliance and permitting, drafting, evaluation, risk assessment, and scheduling, ensuring your vision is brought to life seamlessly.

DPM Consulting Group staff providing assistance in urban planning and design

Environmental sustainability

We are committed to creating urban spaces that respect and enhance the natural environment. Our team integrates sustainable practices into every aspect of our work. We prioritise low-impact development, resource conservation, and biodiversity, creating urban environments that are sustainable for future generations.

A technician installing environmentally sustainable solar roof panels

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