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Banksia in Armstrong Creek is where the vision of a vibrant, sustainable community comes to life, thanks to our land development expertise. Here, we’ve created a place where residents can enjoy the best of modern living amidst serene natural beauty. Banksia stands as a testament to the perfect blend of connectivity, lifestyle, and tranquillity.

Strategically located with efficient transport links to both the Geelong CBD and Melbourne, Banksia offers a lifestyle that is unparalleled. But it’s not just its prime location that sets Banksia apart; it’s the meticulous planning and execution that went into this development, driven by DPM Consulting Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Sustainable water resources management

Our commitment to responsible water resources management forms the backbone of this development, ensuring not only environmental sustainability but also an enhanced quality of life for Banksia residents.

One of the standout features of Banksia is the carefully designed constructed waterway that gracefully meanders from west to east within the site. This waterway serves a vital purpose in stormwater management, safeguarding the environment and residents alike. It’s not just a vision; it’s a thriving, functional component of Banksia, enhancing aesthetics while fulfilling ecological responsibilities.

Project management: Turning urban developments into reality

Our project management team has been at the helm, ensuring that every aspect of Banksia aligns with the overarching vision and exceeds the expectations of our client, Stockland. From the initial conceptualisation to detailed design, regulatory compliance, and construction coordination, we have meticulously planned and executed each phase. Our goal is clear: to provide Stockland with a development that is remarkable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Manging the construction process

Construction is where the vision takes shape and becomes tangible. Our construction management experts have been on the ground, overseeing every facet of the Banksia project to ensure its seamless execution. From site preparation to infrastructure development, our team has left no stone unturned in delivering quality and adhering to strict timelines.

Safety, efficiency, and quality are the pillars of our construction management approach. We take immense pride in achieving excellence in every aspect of construction, making Banksia a safe, comfortable, and appealing community for future residents to call home.

Bringing Banksia to life

Our involvement in the $70 million Banksia project showcases our dedication to comprehensive urban planning and development. Our ability to navigate complexities, optimise designs, and adhere to timelines has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this significant development.

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