Water resources

Water resources are essential for land development. We provide solutions for water supply, wastewater treatment, stormwater management, flood control, water quality, and water conservation.
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Stormwater management strategies

We provide innovative solutions for storm water management, helping to mitigate flood risks and enhance water quality. Our strategies are designed to integrate seamlessly with the urban landscape, promoting sustainable water use and conservation.

Aerial view of stormwater collection point

Flood impact assessments

Our team conducts thorough flood impact assessments, providing crucial data to inform safe and sustainable planning decisions. We can identify and analyse the impact of proposed development on flood risk to existing communities, the development itself, so that risks can be managed to minimise impact.

An image of a flooded community which ties in with the service of flood impact assessments

Integrated water management

We take a holistic approach to water management, including the use of alternative water sources such as storm water or recycled water. This helps to reduce pressure on drinking water supplies while improving the liveability of our developments. We strive to bring together all facets of the water cycle to maximise social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

A small community dam which is part of an integrated water management strategy

Waterways and water quality asset design

Our designs for waterways and water quality assets not only serve their primary functionality, but also enhance the aesthetic and ecological value and appeal of community spaces. We aim to create assets that communities can be proud of and enjoy, while also contributing to local biodiversity.

An aesthetically pleasing waterway design

Drainage investigations

Our team conducts drainage investigations to identify potential issues that could impact water management in land developments. These investigations provide insights into existing systems, potential risks, and offer effective, long-term solutions which are safe and resilient to changing environmental conditions.

A blocked drain that is part of a drainage investigation

Site assessment, hydrological and hydraulic studies

We perform site assessments to understand each site’s water characteristics and challenges. This includes hydrological studies to analyse the movement, distribution, and quality of water in the area, as well as hydraulic studies into how water interacts with the built environment, both of which inform our planning process.

An image of a lake with markers depicting site assessments, hydrological, and hydraulic studies

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