Land capability studies

Land capability studies are vital. We collect, analyse, and present data on the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the land, providing recommendations for enhancing the land’s potential and value.
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Feasibility / development costing

Feasibility cost planning provides a comprehensive evaluation of the financial viability of a project prior to commencement. We conduct detailed analyses of project costs, potential risks, and expected returns, ensuring that each project is economically feasible. This provides the financial clarity needed to make informed decisions. 

A land capability study depicting a grid for a new community

Opportunities and risks plan

Our land capability studies identify both opportunities for maximising land use, and potential risks that could impact project success. This allows us to develop strategies to leverage opportunities for more efficient land use and mitigate potential risks through contingency planning.

A draftsperson and architect creating an opportunity and risk analysis report for a client

Peer reviews

Peer reviews provide an additional layer of scrutiny to land capability studies, identifying potential oversights and validating the study’s conclusions. By engaging in this process, we can enhance the credibility of land capability studies, increasing confidence in the results and recommendations.

A colleague performing a peer review of a land capability study

Engineering servicing reports

Our team prepares detailed engineering servicing reports as part of our land capability studies. These reports provide insights into the infrastructure needs of a site, including utilities, drainage, and road networks. They identify potential challenges and propose solutions to ensure the site is adequately serviced.

An engineer from DPM Consulting Group completing an engineering servicing report

Site analysis and assessment

We conduct site analysis assessments to understand the unique characteristics and constraints of each site. These assessments consider factors such as topography, soil type, vegetation, and existing infrastructure. The insights gained guide the planning and design process, ensuring that development is sustainable, feasible, and in harmony with the natural environment.

Site analysis and assessment completed as part of a land capability study by DPM Consulting Group

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