Civil engineering

Civil engineering is an essential aspect of any land development or engineering project. We offer professional and creative civil design services, as well as comprehensive, detailed, and precise documentation.
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Design documentation

Our functional and detailed design documentation provides a clear roadmap for every stage of a project, allowing all stakeholders, partners, and collaborators to understand both scope and direction. Having this in place allows for efficient resource allocation, effective risk management, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

We specialise in:

Engineers and urban development consultants reviewing a design and documentation plan in colour

Permitting and regulatory compliance

DPM Consulting Group ensure that all our civil engineering designs meet relevant Australian Standards and ensure the highest level of supporting documentation and quality assurance. Our team of Chartered and Registered Engineers help ensure our continued faith in DPM Consulting Group’s innovative but robust civil engineering solutions.

Plans drawn for a permit and regulatory compliance application

3D visualisation and modelling

Our unique approach to 3D visualisation and modelling allows us to create realistic and detailed representations of proposed land developments. 3D models provide a clear understanding of the project, allow us to identify potential design flaws, and can be used to gather feedback and support during public consultations.

a 2d visualisation modelling a new urban development

Environmental management planning and documentation

Our experienced team of planners work to ensure projects are compliant with environmental regulations and sustainability goals. Our transparent risk assessments and documentation outline how a project will mitigate environmental impact, efficiently manage resources, and promote biodiversity. 

A wetland walkway which was built as part of our environmental management and planning services

Safety in design documentation and reporting

All of our projects have a strong focus on Safety in Design (SiD). This involves integrating hazard identification and risk assessments early in the planning process to eliminate or minimise safety risks throughout the life of a project, and ensuring urban spaces are safe, accessible, and meet the needs of diverse Australian populations.

A communal space in an urban development showcasing how lighting and security cameras are integrated as part of safety in design

Design review and evaluation

We review and evaluate each project’s design against a set of criteria to ensure it meets the standards and objectives we set out to achieve. This helps us to identify issues and make sure the project aligns with planning policies, environmental regulations, and community needs. Feedback helps to promote innovation, transparency, and collaboration. 

The team engaging in design review and evaluation

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