About the company

Land development engineering is our passion and expertise. We provide robust, innovative, and sustainable solutions for complex land development challenges.

Company history

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DPM Consulting Group was established in 1987. Our history is rich with many major achievements throughout this time. Knowing where we started is our foundation. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering innovative thinking underscores our proactive and forward-thinking approach.

This is further exemplified through a strategic focus on the development of efficient and cost-effective designs, cultivating enduring partnerships with government stakeholders, and maintaining a service-orientated mindset embodied by daring, flexible, and persistent individuals who form a great team.

Noteworthy is the dedication to nurturing the growth of young engineers, emphasising internal talent development, and fostering external collaborations. The forward-looking perspective encapsulated in the reference to “tomorrow being the legacy” highlights DPM Consulting Group’s commitment to a sustained and impactful contribution.

In summary, DPM Consulting Group places a premium on its historical legacy, prioritises trust in client’s relationships, underscores the significance of its people, champions innovation, and is steadfast in delivering outstanding engineering services with an emphasis on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and robust stakeholder relationships.

Our mission

Our journey is not just about shaping spaces; it’s about creating a dynamic future where every project we touch reflects our passion, embraces audacious solutions, adapts with resilience, and leaves behind a lasting legacy.

With expertise spanning civil engineering, project management, construction management, water resources, urban development, and land capability studies, we empower our clients to realise their visions.

Our mission is to transform landscapes across Australia, turning each piece of land into a thriving testament to innovation, sustainability, and community.

Our values

We are guided by our unwavering commitment to the core values that drive us and underpin everything we do: passion, flexibility, courage, and legacy.


We have a “passion for precision”, we enjoy our work and truly care for our clients and their projects. This ensures that they are delivered to an excellent standard. Engineering is in our DNA.


We will always strive to make the most of our fast-changing environment, accommodating and adapting to client needs and opportunities that arise.


We are imagineers and always dare to challenge and push boundaries. Our creative energy allows us to overcome complex project challenges with innovative, yet simple solutions.


As a land engineering consultancy, we are mindful of the impact we make on our world. We engineer for life, leaving a positive legacy for our community and clients.

Our culture

We foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. We believe in the power of diverse ideas and perspectives, and we encourage our team members to think creatively and challenge the status quo. Our work environment is dynamic, offering ample opportunities for learning and growth. We celebrate successes together and support each other in overcoming challenges. 

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