Peppercorn Hill Estate

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Peppercorn Hill, on Donnybrook Road in Woodstock, is large master planned community of 5,000 residential allotments including local community parks, sporting reserves, a town centre as well as primary & secondary schools. It boasts significant water quality features designed and integrated into Darebin Creek, which bisects the project.

From concept to construction

We have been involved in this project since 2013, playing a significant role in the development of the Donnybrook-Woodstock Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) and the Woodstock Drainage Services Scheme. Throughout this process, we have helped shape the broader drainage and servicing infrastructure to maximize the benefit to Peppercorn Hill.

Ensuring sustainable water resources management

Water is central to our sustainable vision for Peppercorn Hill. Our commitment to responsible water management is reflected in every aspect of the development. Peppercorn Hill includes three large Melbourne Water wetland/retarding basins, minor drainage assets belonging to the City of Whittlesea, and a significant constructed waterway. Throughout the development of these assets, we have completed the design, hydraulic and hydrological modelling, and construction supervision and auditing.

DPM Consulting Group has been intimately involved in the development planning process; requiring a deep knowledge of the site’s hydrology, existing waterways and interaction with existing ecosystems. A significant stormwater management study undertaken along the Darebin Creek, has made way for the integration of Growling Grass Frog habitat wetlands with traditional stormwater treatment wetlands. This has served as a benchmark in the development industry for co-locating traditional stormwater management infrastructure with future Growling Grass Frog Habitat systems.

Delivering to the project plan

Managing a project as significant as Peppercorn Hill demands significant experience and expertise. We have helped forge a high-quality project team that has successfully delivered approximately 35 stages of design development and has successfully delivered 22 stages and counting. We offer a consistent team of experienced and capable professionals, and our key staff have remained steadfast on Peppercorn Hill for many years.

Building stakeholder relationships

We have forged strong ongoing relationships with the key authorities of the project. The authorities remain confident with us and the broader project team, providing feedback that the design and project outcomes continue to remain at high levels of quality. This has enabled the completion of 10 or more stages each year.

Continued development of Peppercorn Hill Estate

Our work on the Peppercorn Hill project demonstrates our commitment to comprehensive urban planning and development. Our ability to tackle complexities, optimise designs, and stick to timelines has been crucial in ensuring the project’s success.

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