Melbourne Business Park

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DPM Consulting Group has been involved in the development of Melbourne Business Park, a significant industrial precinct in the thriving Western corridor of Melbourne. With its strategic location and a vast area covering 260 hectares, this master-planned industrial estate is poised to become a hub for businesses seeking growth opportunities in the Western part of the city.

A strategic location with excellent connectivity

Situated just 25 kilometres West of Melbourne’s CBD, Melbourne Business Park boasts excellent connectivity, providing easy access to the city centre, major transport routes, ports, train stations, airports, and upcoming infrastructure developments. This accessibility is crucial for businesses looking to capitalise on the rapid growth in Melbourne’s Western suburbs, where the population is expected to nearly triple over the next 25 years.

Stockland's vision

Stockland, a key player in the development, is envisioning a $2 billion end value for the project once it reaches full maturity. The initial 95-hectare stage of the development is adjacent to Stockland’s Mt. Atkinson master-planned community, creating a symbiotic relationship that fosters growth and opportunities for both residents and businesses in the area.

Advantages for business

Melbourne Business Park’s strategic location provides significant advantages for businesses. It is well-connected via road and rail, positioned on Hopkins Road, just two kilometres from the Western Highway diamond interchange and 30 kilometres from the Port of Melbourne. Additionally, the area is marked for substantial investment in freight and logistics infrastructure, with planned developments such as the Outer Metropolitan Ring Road and Western Interstate Freight Terminal.

Stormwater management

Our involvement in the Melbourne Business Park project was instrumental in its successful realisation. The scope of our role encompassed a broad array of responsibilities, which proved vital to the project’s overall success.

One of our key contributions we made was the preparation of the stormwater management strategy for the site. Given the size and location of Melbourne Business Park, effective stormwater management was essential to mitigate potential flooding risks and ensure the sustainability of the industrial estate. Our expertise in this domain allowed us to develop a strategy that addressed these concerns while adhering to regulatory standards.

Design and construction of major infrastructure

Furthermore, we played a central role in the design and construction of major infrastructure elements within the project. This encompassed the creation of signalised intersections, the upgrading of Hopkins Road, and the development of drainage scheme assets in accordance with the Melbourne Water Truganina Development Services Scheme. The civil design work we carried out involved the planning and layout of critical infrastructure components, ensuring efficient traffic flow within and around the business park and facilitating the safe and effective conveyance of stormwater.

Collaboration with stakeholders

Our collaboration with relevant stakeholders was another pivotal aspect of our involvement. Effective communication and coordination with various parties, including local authorities, regulatory bodies, and project partners, helped ensure that the project proceeded smoothly and in compliance with all necessary requirements.

Project value

The value of the works undertaken by us for the entire industrial estate amounted to $36 million, underlining the scale and significance of our contributions to the Melbourne Business Park project. Our expertise in stormwater management, civil design, and overall project management played a crucial role in transforming this vision of a modern industrial precinct in Melbourne’s west into a reality. Melbourne Business Park’s strategic location and its potential as a growth catalyst for the region are indicative of success achieved through collaboration between key stakeholders.

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