Brooklyn Distribution Centre

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We recently took on a role in the redevelopment of the Brooklyn Distribution Centre, a project with a clear vision to transform the estate into an industrial hub that aligns with the needs of occupants, while leveraging the precinct’s strategic location, infrastructure proximity, and population catchment.

Responding to the site's context

To respond to the site’s context, we carefully considered both constraints and opportunities. In collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, our approach prioritised maximising Floor Space Ratio (FSR) and site efficiency, optimising the use of available space without compromising functionality or sustainability.

Enhancing quality of life

In line with the project’s commitment to maintaining positive relationships with neighbours and surrounding areas, we incorporated creative and innovative design solutions to enhance the quality of life for workers within the industrial estate. The goal was not just to create warehouses but to design spaces where occupants would thrive.

Focus on sustainability

We also worked to optimise opportunities for ecologically sustainable design, ensuring that the project aligned with environmental best practices. This focus on sustainability was underscored by our commitment to achieve a minimum 4-Star Green Star rating for the base building via a specific and thorough stormwater strategy prepared for the site.

Replacing existing warehousing with industrial floor space and offices

The Brooklyn Distribution Centre redevelopment involved the replacement of existing warehousing with new industrial floor space, including offices. While there was a slight reduction in Gross Lettable Area (GLA), efforts were made to improve efficiency wherever possible.

Strategically designed for the urban logistics market

The project featured eight single-story warehouse/ office buildings, strategically designed to accommodate smaller tenancy sizes that would command higher rents, positioning the asset favourably in the emerging “urban logistics” market.

Staged redevelopment

The redevelopment is planned across three stages. Stage 1 will commence following planning approvals, aiming to deliver four warehouses (WH1-4) with a total GLA of 55,900 square meters. Subsequent stages are contingent on leasing outcomes and aimed to replace existing buildings on the site, further optimising efficiency and functionality.

Achieving the project vision

Throughout this multifaceted project, our contributions were integral to achieving the project vision. Our comprehensive approach, including design, approvals, and sustainability considerations, ensured that the Brooklyn Distribution Centre redevelopment would be a modern, efficient, and environmentally responsible industrial estate.

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