Altona Industrial Estate

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We played a pivotal role in the comprehensive development of the proposed Altona Industrial Estate in Altona, demonstrating our expertise across various phases of the project, including concept design, approvals, design development, documentation, and procurement. Our contributions extended from the initial demolition of existing structures to the construction of four state-of-art warehouses, each with specific features and capabilities.

Design and construction of warehouses

DPM Consulting Group was deeply involved in the design and construction of Warehouse 1, Warehouse 2, Warehouse 3, and Warehouse 4. These warehouses were strategically designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for multi-tenancy to accommodate a range of industrial needs. They were equipped to handle B-double access, a vital feature for efficient logistics and transportation.

Ensuring quality and efficiency

Quality and efficiency were at the forefront of our design considerations, ensuring that the warehouses met the highest industry standards. The separate access routes for heavy and light vehicles enhanced safety and operational efficiency, while the maximum 14.6-meter warehouse ridge height allowed for ample storage capacity.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability was also a key focus, with us collaborating with the relevant stakeholders in order to achieve a minimum 4-star Green Star design rating under the new Green Star Buildings v1 rating tool. This commitment to sustainability was evident in our involvement in the concept design, development applications, and approvals processes, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

Stormwater management

Stormwater management was another critical aspect of the project, and we prepared a comprehensive stormwater strategy. Additionally, we contributed to the preparation of the ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) report, with valuable insights related to stormwater and environmental considerations.

Peer reviews and compliance

Throughout the project, we provided peer reviews of the contract’s design and documentation, ensuring that all elements were in line with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Our involvement extended to critical areas such as realigning existing sewer systems and navigating the complexities of permitting and approvals.

Project completion

Our extensive involvement in the Altona Industrial Estate project showcased our ability to seamlessly manage the entire development process, from demolition and infrastructure works to warehouse design and sustainability initiatives. Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to safety and environmental responsibility played a crucial role in the success of this prominent industrial development.

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