Melbourne Business Park – Drainage Scheme Asset Design and Documentation

Aerial view of Melbourne Business Park drainage management system



Our team undertook a critical role in the development of the Melbourne Business Park, situated to the West of Melbourne’s CBD, showcasing our expertise in stormwater management and drainage strategy. Our involvement began in the project’s early stages, where we were tasked with preparing a comprehensive stormwater management strategy aligned with the Melbourne Water Truganina Development Services Scheme (DSS).

Identifying challenges and constraints

One of the primary challenges faced by us was the need to account for various constraints of the site and the diverse range of stakeholders involved in the project. Our dedication to tackling these complexities head-on was evident from the outset.

Optimising drainage assets

A significant milestone in this project was our ability to analyse the existing concept design for the wetland and retarding basin within Melbourne Business Park. We embarked on a mission to optimise the drainage scheme assets, ultimately reducing the footprint of the drainage reserve area while improving flow conveyance and water quality treatment. This optimisation not only contributed to cost savings for the developer but also increased the net developable land available for Stockland, a considerable win for the project.

Moving forward, we efficiently completed the functional and detailed design of the drainage scheme assets, adhering to established timelines. Construction of these assets was projected to conclude by December 2024. The drainage scheme itself encompasses the construction of three sediment ponds and two macrophyte areas, with a carefully designed constructed waterway, Skeleton Creek, serving as a secure conduit for flows from the upstream catchment.

Modelling culvert crossings

Furthermore, our scope of work involved intricate modelling, design, and construction of three separate culvert crossings, spanning Melbourne Drive, Riding Boundary Road, and Indus Road. These additional complexities added to the already intricate nature of the project, demonstrating our capacity to overcome challenges efficiently.

A valuable addition to Melbourne's CBD landscape

Our contributions to the Melbourne Business Park project underscore our commitment to providing innovative stormwater management solutions and drainage strategies. Our ability to navigate complexities, optimize designs, and adhere to timelines has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this significant development, which promises to be a valuable addition to the Melbourne CBD’s infrastructure landscape.

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