565 Princess Hwy Officer – Stormwater Strategy and Flood Impact Assessment

Water resource modelling map for Princess Highway Officer



DPM Consulting Group’s comprehensive work for the proposed residential development at 565 Princes Highway in Officer involved a meticulous stormwater strategy for Stage 1. Our efforts began with an in-depth analysis and review of previous modelling and documentation, collaborating closely with key stakeholders, including Melbourne Water, to ensure the project’s success.

Location and challenges

Located approximately 55 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, the site itself, spanning 30.49 hectares of undeveloped greenfield land, presented unique challenges and opportunities. Stage 1, covering approximately 2.62 hectares and situated to the south of Quirks Creek, required a well-thought-out stormwater management strategy.

Site visit and observations

Our site visit provided firsthand insight into the dynamics of the area. We observed the peak flows from Quirks Creek and Upper Gum Scrub Creek, originating from the upstream catchment, which are conveyed to the existing culvert crossing along Princes Highway. This observation underscored the importance of a robust stormwater plan to address potential flood risks effectively.

We also took into account previous work by others, particularly a conceptual design of the retarding basin along Quirks Creek. This design aimed to contain the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) within the retarding basin, highlighting the need for precise stormwater management.

Modelling scenarios to ensure compliance

To tackle these challenges, we developed a hydrological model in RORB, encompassing the entire catchment contributing to peak flows at Princes Highway. Calibration of this model allowed us to consider various rainfall events, informing the subsequent hydraulic model created using TUFLOW.

Three scenarios were simulated, including the construction of an ANCOLD embankment to safely contain flows within the retarding basin, attenuating peak flows to an agreed maximum discharge downstream in collaboration with Melbourne Water.

Resilience, safety, and sustainability

Our comprehensive stormwater strategy and modelling work for this residential development exemplifies our commitment to innovative and effective stormwater management. Our collaboration with stakeholders, rigorous modelling, and adherence to regulatory standards ensured the safety and sustainability of the project at 565 Princes Highway in Officer.

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