David Moret attends ANCOLD conference in Cairns in October 2023

Poster for ANCOLD conference 2023
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David Moret

Principal Water Resources Engineer

The annual ANCOLD Conference brought together leading water resources and hydrological experts from across the country, with DPM Consulting Group’s own David Moret representing our company as a leader in water sensitive urban design. 

With a diverse representation of around 500 delegates, the ANCOLD Conference fostered discussions on topics ranging from risk-informed frameworks to new technologies in dam engineering. Having David on the ground at this important event highlights DPM Consulting Group’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments, particularly in the field of water resource management. 

This year’s edition of the conference was held in Brisbane, with several industry leaders serving as keynote speakers at the event. Of particular interest to our company were the thoughts of Andrew Chapman, CEO of the Queensland Major Contractors Association, who provided interesting insight into how projects of a similar nature to DPM Consulting Group’s projects were addressed in the sunshine state. Learning about this topic from Andrew, particularly in the ANCOLD water resources-centric context, was very interesting as we continue to take on a number of large-scale projects that feature hydrological elements. 

With a rich schedule spanning three days, the conference offered an extensive array of workshops, technical presentations, and discussions, along with an opportunity to network with other industry leaders. The discussions extended beyond the technical domain, delving into the realm of sustainable water resources management amidst the backdrop of a changing climate. As the industry strides into the future, companies like DPM Consulting Group are emerging as leaders who have a responsibility to shape its trajectory. We are resolute in our commitment to collaborating with institutions and businesses within the industry to devise sustainable and intelligent solutions to hydrological challenges. 

We are thankful for David’s debrief of the insights he gathered at the ANCOLD Conference and the invaluable learnings from this important industry event he has brough back. His attendance and engagement in this conference will serve as a testament to DPM Consulting Group’s proactive engagement in the evolving landscape of water resource management.

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